Sunday, 28 May 2017

Mini Oreo cheesecakes

oreo cheesecake

The temperatures in Poland has recently increased, so this evening something served cooled - mini cheesecakes with Oreos! The taste is wonderful, I am, personally, not really into cheesecakes, but these are properly moist and the cookies on the bottom prevent each from falling apart while eating. I have to add that I love all the desserts that you can eat at once (it's also easier to find a place in your fridge for a few smaller than one big).


450 grams cottage cheese 
125 grams sour cream (12%)
half cup sugar
2 eggs
seeds from 1 vanilla*
16 Oreo cookies

*You can exchange it with vanilla extract or sugar. 


1) Mix all the ingredients apart from Oreos in a big bowl. You may start with crushing the cheese. 

2) On the bottom of the cupcake moulds locate 1 Oreo in each and spill the mass on them (usually it's 2 tablespoons per one, they will grow insignificantly). You had better use silicone ones, they won't get wet and check if your cookies aren't crushed. 

3) That amount is enough for about 12 mini-cheesecakes, use the rest of your Oreos to decorate the tops. 

4) Bake in 135'C for 22 minutes. Then cool down and place in the fridge for at least 3 hours. Take off their moulds right before eating!

That's all!

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